In this release, we provide more insight into the ongoings on Synth trading by equipping Kwenta traders with tools to better manage fee reclamation. Additionally, we've ramped up our mobile development efforts as many Kwenta Discord community members were found to be mobile users.

Fee Reclamation (Price Adjustment Period) Tools

For those who are unfamiliar with this mechanism, fee reclamation is a security measure put in place by the Synthetix protocol that prevents front-running threats from exploiting the debt pool; for a few minutes after a Synth-to-Synth swap is made, the price may be adjusted to more accurately reflect the market value of a Synth. If there is a debt or surplus established from a Synth-to-Synth swap, this debt or surplus will be accounted for on the next Synth-to-Synth swap made by the trader. The tools added to the Kwenta interface offer more insight into fee reclamation and enable users to better manage it.

Mobile Fixes

Several small UI bugs causing the interface to be unresponsive on mobile were found and have since been fixed. The Core Contributors will also continue to optimize the mobile experience.

New L2 Section on the Website

In preparation for our L2 expansion, we've added some information on the Kwenta landing page regarding the benefits and available assets on L2.

Synth Onramp Fixes

A bug showing inaccurate balances has been fixed.

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