We are pleased to announce that the Kwenta Elite group has been assembled. If you were selected, you will have been contacted on Telegram by @ATrudel.

Kwenta Elite members were selected based on their Synth and DEX trading activity. The more active a wallet was in regards to their Synth and DEX trading, the more likely it was to be selected.

Kwenta Elite members will receive early access to the exchange and be tasked with providing their initial feedback on their experience. This feedback will be used to improve the exchange prior to the public launch next week. They also received the following NFT at their given address:

This NFT was created with the help of the Meme team

If you were not selected, do not fret; the exchange will be live in only a few short days and accessible to anyone with a DeFi compatible wallet.

Thank you to the 1900+ people that signed up for the Kwenta Elite program. We make it a priority to reward our supporters and will continue to do so.

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