We are excited to say...L2 2022 is finally here; before bringing to a close an exciting year, the Kwenta Elite Council and community passed KIP-6 and KIP-7 on December 27th, 2021. These KIPs proposed by the community established new subDAOs within Kwenta, pushing it further along the path of decentralization and empowering the community to market and develop the Kwenta protocol.

Marketing is highly collaborative and is an extensive task; a council of three community members according to KIP-7 will be elected to lead, execute and incentivize community marketing efforts while maintaining alignment with the current needs of Kwenta.

Community developers working on Kwenta tickets, community initiatives, or claiming rewards for work completed will be provided a streamlined experience. A community PM will be onboarded as stated in KIP-6, to build out resources and rewards available to Community developers.

If you are a part of the Kwenta community, you can now apply to become one of the three marketingDAO council members or a Community PM by nominating yourself via one of the ballot boxes below. Anyone can participate, but the Elite Council will vote on which nominees will fill available roles.

Kwenta marketingDAO Council Ballot Box

While any community member will be able to join the Kwenta marketingDAO and contribute to current campaigns, Kwenta marketingDAO Council members (MCMs) will organize community participants review, create, and approve marketing campaigns and budgets. These members will encourage marketing efforts that positively affect Kwenta. Read KIP-7 for more details.

Apply to be a marketingDAO Council member here:
Kwenta marketingDAO Council Ballot Box

Kwenta devDAO Ballot Box

One of the keys to achieving decentralization is open development. A Community PM will support the growing Kwenta development community by creating and maintaining tickets, and with the help of CCs determine if a KIP or external audit is required for a ticket. PM(s) will support a thriving development community and communicate their needs to Kwenta CCs. Read KIP-6 for more details.

Apply for the devDAO Community PM role here:
Kwenta devDAO Ballot Box

Elite Council Voting

Ballot Boxes will be open for one week; all entries will be sent to the Elite Council once closed. Council members will review the list and individually vote for which three marketingDAO council members and community PM they feel are the best fit; the nominees with the most cumulative support from the Elite Council will be selected for the roles.*

*Elected Community PM must attend a meet & greet interview with members of the Core Contributor Committee. There is only one open Community PM role currently.

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