You can now long or short DOT, AAVE, UNI, YFI COMP, and REN on Kwenta.

The Synthetix community recently voted on a proposal to add six new assets to the Synthetix Protocol. Community members voted in favour of the proposal and now DOT, AAVE, UNI, YFI, COMP, and REN Synths and iSynths are live on Synthetix.

Synthetix is a decentralized protocol for derivatives liquidity. The selection process for adding new Synths to Synthetix is driven by demand from the Synthetix community, an evaluation of the state of the proposed assets' liquidity and volatility, as well as whether the Synthetix protocol's oracle provider, Chainlink, supports the data feeds necessary for the proposed assets.

With the addition of these new Synths to Synthetix, they can now be traded on Kwenta, held in your wallet, and used in other decentralized applications that support them.

New Synths and iSynths

In total, twelve new assets are available for trading on Kwenta due to the new assets having both a Synth and iSynth. Synths provide long exposure to underlying assets while iSynths provide short exposure to underlying assets. These synths can be exchanged for each other with zero slippage on Kwenta, no matter the trade size.

DOT, AAVE, UNI, YFI, COMP, and REN Synths and iSynths

To start trading with Synths, visit Kwenta and connect a supported wallet loaded with ETH and sUSD, or any other Synth supported by Synthetix. Use the exchange page to view charts and trade Synths. View your positions and performance on the dashboard page.

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