This weeks product release from Synthetix is a big one. Here are the upgrades made to Kwenta in the Bornite release:

sOIL and iOIL are live on Kwenta

We are excited to announce that through Synthetix' partnership with Chainlink, sOIL is now live on Kwenta! sOIL is a Synthetic asset that mirrors the price movement of oil using a Chainlink decentralized oracle network. As usual, there will be two versions of this token available: sOIL will enable users to capture a long position while iOIL will enable users to capture a short position.

The ‘Synth exchange’ section on the Kwenta homepage is now dynamic

On the marketing page at, there was previously a static screenshot of the ‘Synth exchange’ section. This has now been replaced with a dynamic version of the actual Synth exchange box, so it’s now possible to make exchanges directly from the homepage.

Synth suspension states added to Kwenta

Synths can be suspended for a variety of reasons, including iSynths being frozen, Synths being paused after being tripped by the circuit breaker, and market closures for synthetic equities. Kwenta now reflects each of these states, so traders can know exactly why a Synth’s price might be paused.

Rounding bug fixed on Kwenta

Previously, if traders selected “max balance,” when choosing a Synth to trade out of, it could be thrown by a rounding error. This has been fixed.

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Kwenta is a decentralized derivatives exchange with infinite liquidity powered by the Synthetix protocol.