This week, the Kwenta team took some time to evaluate the current state of the exchange and address any pressing user feedback. We found that readability and shorting were causing some friction for new and existing users. In the Kabul release, we directly addressed these issues and drafted up some plans for further optimization down the road.

Readability Improvements

We've altered the color contrast on the Kwenta interface to offer improved readability. Although we love our dark mode, we recognize Kwenta's audience is expanding and we now we need to ensure the product is accessible to all. A light-mode will soon be in the works as well.

Shorting Fixes

Kwenta traders gave us some feedback that they've been having issues managing and closing short positions. We dug into the UI and found some inflexibility in the process which has now been removed. We will also be simplifying the process to close a short in the near future in order to accommodate for users that are less familiar with traditional shorts.

Miscellaneous fixes

  • Labelling improved on compare charts
  • SNX rewards removed from shorting
  • Deployment upgrades

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