We are excited to announce that Kwenta, a decentralised exchange offering derivatives trading with infinite liquidity, is now live! Kwenta is a dApp built on the Synthetix protocol, allowing traders to gain access to a vast range of assets on Ethereum, including forex, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and indices.

Kwenta is one of the smoothest dApp experiences live on Ethereum, allowing traders to operate on a snappy and responsive interface offering all their trading needs.

It's the next evolution of Synthetix.Exchange, offering derivatives trading with a UI/UX that's been reimagined and recrafted from scratch with great precision.

Infinite liquidity and zero slippage

All trading is carried out peer-to-contract, using the Synthetix protocol’s pooled liquidity model. This means no counterparty matching and essentially infinite liquidity for traders. This also means there’s no need for an orderbook, so traders never need worry about generating slippage on a trade.

The smooth trading experience of a centralised exchange but without the limitations

Centralised exchanges have many advantages over some of their decentralised counterparts, including high liquidity and low slippage which Kwenta accounts for. But they also have major limitations, including trades being restricted to available trading pairs and the need to trust a CEX with custody of your funds.

Kwenta fixes this.

You can trade seamlessly between any asset like on such AMM’s as Uniswap, but without jumping through several liquidity pools of varying depths. And all trading on Kwenta is non-custodial, meaning traders never surrender custody of their funds.

Easy onboarding

No Synths? No worries. If you try to start trading without any Synths, you’ll be led to where you can purchase sUSD with ETH from one of the various liquidity pools in the DeFi ecosystem, all without even leaving Kwenta!

Win a share of 1000 sUSD in our Kwenta launch promotion!

We’re offering 1000 sUSD to be shared between the two best or most creative promotions of Kwenta on Twitter in the first two weeks after launch, so if you’ve enjoyed the Kwenta experience then get designing and tweeting!

More information

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If you have any feedback, feature requests, or bugs to report, drop us your comment in the Kwenta Feedback Form.