Join the Kwenta community for its Second Community Call of 2021 on January 20th at 11 PM UTC in the Kwenta Discord. A link to the Discord event can be found here.

This call won’t be one to miss. It's time to give the Kwenta community an official update on upcoming Q1 roadmap items. We’ve got exciting news and call attendees will be the first to learn more about the $KWENTA token launch.

There has been substantial progress in the Kwenta Governance structure and product development; it’s time to share the alfa, the call agenda is as follows.

The tentative agenda is:

  • Kick-off devDAO and marketingDAO
  • Upcoming Aelin Raise
  • Updated Tokenomics (Based on community feedback)
  • New Kwenta Docs
  • Kwenta V2/Futures Updates
  • Sovereignty Phase

We will make time at the end of the call for questions and feedback from the community. You bring the questions, we'll bring the POAPs!

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