As Kwenta begins its transition to independence, the team is focused on completing early Synthetix designs for the exchange. This will serve as the ideal starting point to radically optimize the Synth trading experience.

Comparison Charts

Kwenta users now have the option to view a chart that shows the price performance of both assets selected against USD. This provides traders with a convenient visual when comparing the price history of two assets. This tool can be accessed by switching to the Single chart and selecting Compare in the top right corner of the chart.

Single Chart Candlesticks

Candlesticks are now available for all pairs on both Single and Double charts. Shoutout to Synthetix Community dHEDGE portfolio manager, rubber^duck, for requesting this feature.

Fee Calculation Improvement

Kwenta will now subtract Synth trading fees from the outcome of trades to provide more accurate estimates. Shoutout to Synthetix Spartan Council member Kaleb Keny for requesting this change.

Miscellaneous fixes

  • In the dashboard page, the 1inch powered ERC-20-to-sUSD onramp has had its name changed from "Convert" to "Synth Onramp".
  • You can swap any token supported by 1inch directly for sETH using the Synth Onramp.
  • Several minor bug fixes.

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