Welcome to the Kwenta Perpetual Futures Testnet Trading Competition

This guide will help you on journey to the #1 spot in the competition. The Kwenta Futures Trading Competition begins Thursday the 18th of October 2021 and will run through the 27th of October. To enter the competition, you must complete a few steps before you can begin. Please use a fresh ETH wallet as it will be tied to your @twitter handle, you DO NOT want to dox yourself. Equally as important, make sure you maintain access to this wallet as rewards will be distributed to your registered address.

How do you register for the Kwenta L2 Testnet trading competition?

For this competition, you will need two things:

  1. Twitter account that's older than a month
  2. Web3 wallet with the Optimism Ethereum Kovan Testnet network added.

The competition is hosted on Optimism Ethereum Kovan Testnet L2. You can review our earlier blog post if you need help setting up MetaMask and adding the Optimism Ethereum Kovan L2 Testnet. If you've met these requirements, you can head over to Kwenta Futures.

What's the next step?

Once you navigate to the Futures Competition Portal, click on  Connect.

From here users that haven't switched their metamask network to Optimistic Ethereum (Kovan) will be prompted to Switch to Optimistic Kovan. Traders that are already connected to the Optimistic Ethereum (Kovan) network will not see the screen prompting them to Switch to Optimistic Kovan and instead will skip to the next step.

Once the system detects the above requirements have been met a pop-up window will display. In this pop up window users will see the pre-prepared tweet that includes their ETH address being used to register for the competition. (Please use a fresh ETH address to prevent doxing yourself.) This tweet allows us to fund your account with $10,000 sUSD* and testnet ETH. The sUSD will be your starting balance, while the Testnet ETH should be enough to cover any possible transaction fees. If you are already logged into your preferred Twitter account, clicking on Tweet  bring up twitter along with the prepared tweet rendering this process seamless. (If you aren't logged into a Twitter account hitting the ‘Tweet’ button will route you to Twitters login page.) <-Each address will only qualify for one faucet distribution.

After tweeting, the system will wait for confirmation of the tweet.

Once the system detects a successful tweet, the faucet will issue sUSD and Testnet ETH to your wallet, traders will then be routed to the Main Kwenta Futures Dashboard.

Congratulations! You are now signed up for the Kwenta Futures Trading Competition and should have received your sUSD and Testnet ETH. For assistance on how to use the platform please reference our guide. Good luck, show us what you got!

*The Competition sUSD will only work for our Testnet Futures Competition deployment, in addition we have disabled being able to transfer this sUSD out of Competition wallets as an anti-cheat precaution!

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