On August 26 at 5 PM (UTC), Kwenta will host its first community call in Discord.

Kwenta has made substantial progress in our road to Independence. This community call will be used to discuss what the next stages of the transition to independence will involve and how the Kwenta protocol will operate once we achieve that goal.

The tentative agenda for this call is as follows:

Introduction to Kwenta

  • History
  • Core Contributors
  • Community and Admirals

Transition to Independence

  • Transition SIPs
  • Interim Kwenta Council Ballet Box

Proposed Governance

  • Governance Structure
  • KWENTA Tokenomics
  • Staking

Upcoming Items

  • Synthswap
  • Futures
  • Limit Orders
  • L2 Roadmap
  • Aelin

We'll also have time at the end of the call for questions and feedback from the community.

Members who participate in the call will be eligible for a POAP/NFT.

You can save the community call into your Google Calendar by clicking this link: Add Community Call to Calendar.

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