We've released two big updates to Kwenta. We're excited to reveal candlesticks and classical pair charts to the Kwenta UI. These two features were added based on community demand. We will continue to listen our community and refine the Kwenta trading experience based on user feedback.


You can now view the open, high, low, and close for trades over the course of a month on Kwenta. Note that candlesticks are currently not available over other time periods due to data constraints. We will be gathering feedback from the monthly candles timeframe to optimize for L2. Once on L2, we'll be able to expand Candlestick options and further improve the trading experience.

Classical Pair Charts

Kwentans can now view a single chart for any pair alongside the dual charting system. This familiar charting option opens the trading experience to those used to using centralized exchanges. By clicking the Single or Double toggle in the centre of the UI, users can switch between the two charting options.

Another small change we've made to improve the experience is move the submit order component to the top of the interface. We found that having the submit order component below the charts, at the bottom of the screen, was unintuitive. This adjustment offers a more familiar experience which resembles existing popular DeFi platforms.

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