The future of Synth exchanges is nearly here. This October, we will be launching the next generation of Synthetix.Exchange: Kwenta.

Kwenta is a new derivatives exchange designed for users looking for multi asset trading and infinite liquidity. Users will benefit from access to the full suite of Synths available on the Synthetix protocol as well as innovative charting and performance tracking tools.

In anticipation for the launch, a select group of traders will have a chance to get early access and be a part of the Kwenta Elite.

Pre-launch access and the Kwenta Elite  

We will be offering a total of 30 traders early access to the exchange and the opportunity to share and learn from other elite traders. This small group will provide feedback on product direction as well as have a say in which assets to be added in the future. The first 30 Elites will also receive a very rare NFT which grants owners exclusive access to a group of some of DeFi’s finest traders and the founder of Synthetix, Kain Warwick.  This NFT will allow access to an invite-only Telegram group and make users a part of the first cohort of Kwenta users.

Becoming a Kwenta Elite includes:

  • A rare NFT which grants users access to an exclusive Kwenta Elite Telegram group
  • 150 sUSD to use on Kwenta

Visit to register interest.

All traders who want to join the Elite are required to submit a Metamask or Metamask-compatible hardware wallet address along with a Telegram handle. The wallet addresses with the most trading activity will be selected to become a member of the Kwenta Elite.

This Kwenta Elite NFT was made possible thanks to close collaboration with the MEME team.

Welcome to the new Kwenta Community

Follow the official Kwenta Twitter account for insights and announcements.

Join the Kwenta Telegram group to build a new community with us. Ask questions, apply for a mod role, and leak alpha.