With the new Calcite product release from Synthetix, Kwenta has undergone some exciting upgrades. Here is a complete list of the updates made to Kwenta.

IPFS Support on Kwenta

A Kwenta interface has now been launched on IPFS at https://kwenta.eth.link/, enabling greater censorship-resistance for trading through the Synthetix protocol.

Korean language support on Kwenta

Kwenta can now be used more effectively by the Korean trading community with the new Korean translation!

The 'Powered by Synthetix' section on the Synthetix.io protocol website features a list of projects building with Synthetix. Kwenta is now among 1Inch, dHedge, ParaSwap, Zapper, and other great projects.

Other updates

  • Updated icons on Kwenta homepage
  • Support added for imToken wallet on Kwenta
  • The “Start trading” button on Kwenta now sends you to ‘Dashboard’ not ‘Exchange’
  • Bug fixed so now on mobile, the base currency is shown before the quote currency

Get Started

Kwenta is a decentralized derivatives exchange with infinite liquidity powered by the Synthetix protocol.

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