We are excited to announce that Kwenta has integrated 1inch, offering Kwenta traders a convenient onramp into Synths while getting the best pricing available across decentralized Exchanges (DEXs).

The core advantage of using Kwenta is that users can trade popular real world and crypto assets with zero slippage, no matter the trade size. This enables traders to retain more value when entering and exiting positions than on an ordinary DEX – for large trades, these savings can be substantial. However, zero slippage trades are only possible for Synth-to-Synth swaps, meaning users first need to acquire a Synth, any Synth, to get started.

With 1inch, anyone with an on-chain wallet can easily convert ETH or any ERC-20 supported by 1inch for sUSD in Kwenta. Note that this trade may incur slippage but thanks to 1inch's order routing system, users can rest assured that they're getting the lowest slippage available across the DEX ecosystem.

Visit the Dashboard section of the exchange to find the Convert section which is now powered by 1inch.

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Trade popular real world and crypto assets with zero slippage on Kwenta.

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